Version Imformation of Center 2.45

   Center 1.0 built in 1999 was too old for use ; so we decide to create a new site and support more further information.
   In Center 2.0 we change the color style and the layout ; but it supported resolution at 800X600 pixel only. Now in 2.3 , all these bugs are repaired ; We even made a Flash animate there! It can support resolution at 1024X768 pixel with TRUE COLOR mode, too. 
   This site is growing day by day. The opinions you give us are invaluable. We hope you can get much knowledge here, too!

What's New in Center 2.45?
1)  Support resolution at 1600X1200 pixel.
  2)  You can ask your QUESTIONS by email!

What's New in Center 2.42?
  1)  Brand-new interface and color style made by Zhenyuan DR Studio.
  2)  About 100 questions and answers are added , which were posted on BBS.
  3)  Center Banners created in link.htm.
  4)  Support size at 800X600(15")、1024X768(17") and 1152X864(19").

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